Agastopia — (n) admiration of a particular part of someone’s body

Argle-bargle — (adj) copious but meaningless talk or writing

Bibble — (v) to drink often; to eat and/or drink noisily

Billingsgate — (n) coarsely abusive language

Blatherskite — (n) a person who talks at great length without making much sense

Bobsy-die — (n) a great deal of fuss or trouble

Borborygmus — (n) a rumbling or gurgling noise in the intestines

Bumfuzzle — (adj) confused, perplexed

Cabotage — (n) coastal navigation; the exclusive right of a country to control the air traffic within its borders

Cacophony — (n) a harsh, discordant mixture of sounds

Cattywampus — (adj) askew

Collywobbles — (n) a bellyache

Conjubilant — (adj) shouting together with joy

Curmudgeon — (n) a bad-tempered person

Doodle Sack — (n) Old English word for bagpipe

Discombobulate — (v) to disconcert of confuse

Deipnophobia — (n) a morbid fear of dinner parties

Dipthong — (n) two vowel sounds joined in one syllable to form one speech sound, e.g. the sounds of “ou” in out and of “oy” in boy

Donkey Engine — (n) a small auxiliary engine on a ship

Dragoman — (n) an interpreter or professional guide for travelers

Erf — (n) a plot of land

Erinaceous — (adj) of, pertaining to, or resembling a hedgehog

Finifugal — (adj) afraid of finishing anything

Fipple — (n) the mouthpiece of a recorder or similar wind instrument

Firman — (n) in Turkey and some other Oriental countries, a decree or mandate issued by the sovereign

Flummox — (v) to perplex someone greatly

Frankenfood — (n) genetically modified food

Fudgel — (v) Pretending to work when you’re not actually doing anything at all

Funambulist — (n) a tightrope walker

Futz — (v) to waste time or busy oneself aimlessly

Gabelle — (n) a tax on salt

Gardyloo — used in Edinburgh as a warning cry when it was customary to throw slops from the windows into the streets

Gibberish — (n) unintelligible or meaningless speech

Gobbledygook — (n) language that is meaningless

Groke — (v) an old Scots term meaning to look at somebody while they’re eating in the hope that they’ll give you some of their food

Grommet — (n) an eyelet of firm material to strengthen or protect an opening or to insulate or protect something passed through it

Gubbins — (n) fish parings or refuse

Halfpace — (n) a platform of a staircase where the stair turns back in exactly the reverse direction of the lower flight

Hullaballoo — (n) a commotion

Ill-willie — (adj) having an unfriendly disposition

Impignorate — (v) to pawn or mortgage something

Jentacular — (adj) pertaining to breakfast

Kakorrhaphiophobia — (n) fear of failure

Kerfuffle — (n) a commotion or fuss

Lackadaisical — (adj) lacking enthusiasm or determination

Lamprophony — (n) loudness and clarity of enunciation

Lollygag — (v) to spend time aimlessly

Macrosmatic — (adj) having a good sense of smell

Meldrop — (n) A drop of mucus at the nose, whether produced by cold or otherwise

Nudiustertian — (n) the day before yesterday

Obelus — (n) the symbol ÷

Octothorpe — (n) the symbol #

Oxter — (n) outdated word meaning “armpit”

Pauciloquent — (adj) uttering few words; brief in speech

Poppycock — (n) nonsense

Quire — (n) two dozen sheets of paper

Quomodocunquizing —  (v) making money in any way that you can

Ragamuffin — (n) a person, typically a child, in ragged dirty clothes

Ratoon — (n) a small shoot growing from the root of a plant

Salopettes — (n) high-waisted skiing pants with shoulder straps

Smicker — (v) to look amorously after somebody

Snickersnee — (v) to engage in cut-and-thrust fighting with knives

Sprunt — (v) an old Scottish word meaning to chase girls around among the haystacks after dark

Taradiddle — (n) pretentious nonsense

Tittynope — (n) a small quantity of something left over

Ulotrichous — (adj) having wooly or crispy hair

Valetudinarian — (n) a sickly or weak person, especially one who is constantly and morbidly concerned with his or her health

Whiffler — (n) somebody who walks in front of you through a crowd

Whippersnapper — (n) a young person considered to be presumptuous or overconfident

Widdershins — (adj) adin a left-handed or contrary direction; counterclockwise

Woebegone — (adj) sad or miserable in appearance

Winklepicker — (n) style of shoe or boot in the 1950s with a sharp and long pointed toe

Xertz — (v) to gulp down quickly and greedily

Yarborough — (n) hand of cards containing no card above a nine

Zoanthropy — (n) delusion of a person who believes himself changed into an animal

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