A new campaign on crowdfunding website Kickstarter wants to bring Amazon’s Alexa into your shower.

The proposed machine, dubbed the “Aqua Dew,” is described as” the world’s first splashproof Alexa speaker” and is envisaged for apply while , hanging by the kitty, or doing any other activity with a splash zone.

” Aqua Dew is the eventual Alexa smart-alecky loudspeaker ,” the campaign page positions.” With its flawless sound, Bluetooth connectivity, and beautiful scheme, it will become your favorite electronic attendant in the shower and on the go .”

Christopher Maiwald/ Kickstarter

As of the time of writing, awareness-raising campaigns page for the machine had raised about $100 more than its $5,000 objective. The device is being produced by Wasserstein, an electronics creator and dealer, and the company’s benefactor Christopher Maiwald says the Aqua Dew is Wasserstein’s” more ambitious produce hitherto .”

” We enjoy Alexa and we likewise adore devoting time in the shower ,” Maiwald wrote.” I have had one of those inexpensive Bluetooth shower talkers for years and really liked it .”

Maiwald says, nonetheless, that such devices fail to let useds change ballads while in the shower, a number of problems now determined with his portable speaker.

” Now you can finally enjoy the benefits of Alexa in the shower ,” the campaign adds.

Wasserstein boasts that the device’s battery can last for up to eight hours ” of ceaseless playtime .” The Aqua Dew likewise comes with a mount illustration and suction cup for placement on slick skin-deeps in your bathroom.

The waterproof speaker will roster at $119 once it becomes available to the public, although discounted costs are offered to campaign backers.

While Aqua Dew has over 50 apparently fortunate supports so far, some people are less roused about their chances of drawing a smart maneuver into their bathroom.

In an clause entitled “Nope!” from TechCrunch, reporter Brian Heater contends:” Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Alexa isn’t going in my shower. Nope .”


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