Apple today is sharing some good word following the completion of yesterday’s reveal of a significant, market-moving cut to its income forecast , attributed to declining iPhone sales in China’s hindering economy. The companionship says its App Store, at the least, was having a good anniversary. This year, purchasers invested $1.22 billion during the 2018 anniversary season and burst a brand-new single-day preserve on New Year’s Day.

The $1.22 billion in App Store spending were conducted between Christmas eve and New Year’s Eve, Apple said. This is typically the top season for App Store customer spend, as purchasers load up new iPhones and iPads with apps, and use their App Store Gift Cards to buy paid apps and games.

Apple also said patrons depleted more than $322 million on New Year’s Day 2019, which determined a new record for single-day spend.

Over the holidays, plays and self-care apps were the most popular lists, with Fortnite and PUBG among the most downloaded recreations, along with Brawl Stars, Asphalt 9 and Monster Strike, Apple said.

Meanwhile, as the New Year knocks off, clients are now turning to state and fitness apps, educational apps and productivity apps — likely to some extent inspired by their New Year’s decides. The apps conducting these categories include 1Password, Sweat and Luminosity.

Last year, Apple too announced a record-breaking anniversary season, with $890 million devoted during the week of Christmas eve and $300 million on New Year’s Day 2018.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, in his letter yesterday, signaled that the App Store remains one of the light recognizes in the company’s “Services” list, even as he handed the subduing bulletin of a slowdown in iPhone sales.

The company said it is now expecting $84 billion in the one-fourth that resolved Saturday, down from its earlier approximation of $89 billion to $93 billion. Nonetheless, “Services” produced more than $10.8 billion in revenue during the course of its fourth, with each geography reaching a brand-new quarterly register. The busines noted, very, it’s still on track to achieve its goal of double-faced the size of this business from 2016 to 2020.

Today, Apple said the ” Services ” business specified all-time preserves beyond the App Store in Apple Music, Cloud Service, App Pay and the App Store’s pursuit ad business.

A record-breaking death of its first year for the App Store shouldn’t come as a surprise, given that the overall app economy is continuing to grow, with portable plays still driving revenues and the subscription app business also acquiring additions. App Annie recently predicted app accumulates will beat $122 billion globally in 2019, including the App Store, Google Play and third-party Android app stores in China, combined.

Prior to Apple’s report, app storage intellect house Sensor Tower had last week have also pointed out that the U.S. App Store broke spending registers on Christmas, with a record of $54 million on that day alone — up 31 percentage over the year before. It had also guided the $52 million spent on Black Friday 2018, the firm said.

Apple frequently releases an App Store festivity report at this time of its first year, so its handout today isn’t undoubtedly an attempt to create good press a experience when its stock is disintegrating. But sacrificed Apple’s usual endeavors at spin, it may be seen that way.

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