Jordan Kimball is ready to move forward.

On Wednesday, the Bachelor in Paradise star sat down with reality TV spoiler blogger Reality Steve on his podcast to let Bachelor Nation well known he’s feeling since the shocking chiselling allegations from now ex-fiancee Jenna Cooper rocked his( and our) world.

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First acts first, Kimball wants us to know that he’s not going to take any drastic measurements against his ex 😛 TAGEND

” I’m persisting particularly civil .”

He prolongs 😛 TAGEND

” In “the worlds largest” disagreeable path, I am here for her because she is really going through a tough time. I have forgiven her, and it hurts me to even have to forgive her because that has meant that I’ve accepted that this has happened.”

Despite his acceptance of the situation, Cooper is continuing to publicly refute allegations that she was disloyal to the male simulate — but Jordan’s not buying it 😛 TAGEND

” She’s only been revoking it. She’s been telling me that she’s going to prove everything there is wrong. And she’s asked me if I’m going to be there for her, and I’m like,’ Look, you’ve got to prove it wrong first.’”

Sounds like 26 -year-old has the right thought now, and is guarding his soul 😛 TAGEND

” Once you get toy, the last happen you want to do is do duped as well. Right now I have to make myself away from this until it’s proven otherwise. And with all this information, the likeliness of that … this establishes no sense that this could be someone formulating her. It’s a lot to take in. It’s been a very short quantity of time.”

It sure has been a short amount of experience, but love of the establish will certainly speaking about this for a while.

And although the Florida native is grateful for the groundswell of support from Bachelor Nation during this difficult time, he isn’t a fan of how sees are attacking Jenna on social media 😛 TAGEND

” I think it’s unpleasant. I don’t visualize anyone deserves that.”

Wow. Way to be a standup guy through everything there is, Jordan!

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