The custody battle between Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy is still storming five years later — and may have just thump its lowest point.

And that includes Jason’s stalking costs!

After the deaths among Bethenny’s on-off lover Dennis Shields, you’d think her ex would open her a break.

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Instead he’s using the tragedy!

In a hearing Thursday Page Six reports his solicitor, Robert Wallack, expended the incident to malign the RHONY star’s parenting cleverness, saying of Shields’ extinction 😛 TAGEND

” It was reported that he died of an Oxycodone overdose. Our fear is while his death is very sad this fosters serious concerns about Ms. Frankel’s parental sense .”

Wow. He persisted 😛 TAGEND

” Dennis Shields devoted a lot of season with Bryn and even cared for Bryn at times when Ms. Frankel wasn’t around. Considering Mr. Shields’ addiction what does that “re just saying” Ms. Frankel’s parenting that she would allow this person to care for her daughter? This doesn’t exactly constitute a relapse in finding this was just downright dangerous parenting”

According to reports, Bethenny was weeping in the courtroom.

Wallack then became a step significantly, juxtaposing Shields’ reported overdose with an episode of Real Housewives, implying Bethenny had a substance problem too!

” There was a recent bout in which she appeared to be intoxicated. She was running around without robes on and then she passed out and it was said she passed out from mingling Ambien with booze. Our feelings are whether Ms. Frankel may have some type of substance abuse questions so we would ask the court to guild drug testing of Ms. Frankel be determined whether that’s an issue .”

This was a bit much even for the evaluate, who reportedly responded 😛 TAGEND

” Now you’re shedding grenades across the table .”

This may have officially grow the most brutal imprisonment opposed we’ve seen.

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