Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast which is something we unpack the numbers behind the headlines.

After a long run of having clients clamber aboard each week, we made a delay on that breast, bringing together three of our regular hosts instead: Connie Loizos, Danny Chrichton, and myself.

Despite the fact that there were just three of us instead of the usual four, we got through a elevation of trash. Which was good as it was a astonishingly busy week, and we didn’t want to leave too much behind.

Up top we dug into the latest in the tract of crypto, which Danny had politely summarized for us in an article. The gist of his argument is that the resemblances relating crypto as an industry to the Internet may work, but most people have their timelines wrong: Crypto isn’t like the Internet in the 90 s, perhaps. More like the 80 s.

On the same topic, crypto corporations formed a squad lobbying try, and a high-flying crypto fund is struggling to once again post strong advantage figures.

Moving along, Juul is back in the news. Not, however, for conjuring more coin or affixing immediate increment. Well, sort of the latter, as the government is after it. The Food and Drug Administration has put Juul on a countdown to get its act together seeing teenages and smoking. That the financially affecting unicorn is in as much fus as it is, is practically surprising.

Finally, we moved through the three most recent Chinese IPOs that made our radar. Here “theyre about” 😛 TAGEND

Meituan Dianping: The Tencent-backed group buying, transmission, and everything corporation raised over$ 4 billion in its debut, which was impressive, but also short of beliefs. The firm won’t begin trading until the 20 th, but it’s one more massive cope that got done in 2018. 111: We wasted a hour on the present discussing what counts as a engineering company thanks to 111. We elected that the Chinese online-to-offline pharmacy startup did in fact tally. So, it’s in our roster. Some notations on its debut can be found here. NIO: Finally on our roll was NIO, a Chinese electric car company with, as we have discussed on Equity before, a shockingly short-lived history of revenue generation. Whether the company is a gamble or not, it did cause$ 1 billion in its own give. And its broth is off like a projectile to boot.

And that was the end of things. Thanks for depositing with us, as ever. Speaking of which, our 100 th escapade is coming up. Who should we bring onto the demonstrate to celebrate?

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