Gmail useds on iOS are going a striking upgrade today: a unified inbox. While Android customers have had the option to see numerous inboxes in a single goal, iOS useds- up to now- have had to switch accounts by sounding between them in the app’s navigation.

Many parties today have more than one email chronicle, often using one for piece, another for personal, and one to give out more publicly- their “junk” inbox, so to speak. Some have multiple inboxes for several professions or place personas. And some access a shared inbox together with others on a drudgery team.

But moving among histories has required a bit of tapping around, if you used Gmail on iOS.

With today’s iOS update, there’s instead the option to use the new” All Inboxes” panorama from the left-hand slope drawer. This will show all your emails in a single register, Google says.

The option works with both G Suite and non-G Suite notes, including third-party IMAP accountings, the company notes.

Though a unified inbox is a apparently minor boast, it’s the sort of happening that has driven countless Gmail iOS useds to third-party apps, since Gmail itself was paucity. That may now change.

The feature is flattening out to Gmail and G Suite consumers over the next 15 days.

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