Can’t say we disagree with this decision — or should we?

The board of directors of Hacienda Healthcare announced Thursday the objective is shut off the equipment, whose honour has become synonymous with patient abuse.

On December 29, an unfit maiden appalled works by giving birth — leading to the eventual arrest of one of her nannies.

Further investigation of the equipment depicted multiple complaints of inappropriate behavior over several years.

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After all that, it’s hardly surprising members of the security council making a decision shut down in a vote held during February 1. In the following statement referred to by The New York Times, they said 😛 TAGEND

” The Hacienda Healthcare board of directors, after a great deal of careful consideration, has come to understand that it is simply not sustainable to continue to operate our Intermediate Care Facility for the Intellectually Disabled .”

Surprisingly, some state officials blamed the move, quoting the care of the remaining 37 patients.

We don’t know about these officials, but if we had a family member at that facility we’d feel MUCH safer if they were located somewhere else.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey said he was concerned by the decision, considering he had just succession closer omission of the company; it’s unclear if shutting down will allow those ranging Hacienda to circumvent possible prosecution for rejecting” innumerable complaints of sexual abuse” and even for” business impostor “. We surely hope that’s not the case — and not the reason for the decision.

Do YOU think this decision is about protecting patients? Or coming away with it ??

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