The controversy over Tucker Carlson’s comments from many years ago have generated plenty of makes, but few hotter than Newsweek’s 😛 TAGEND

When you utterly must have a Tucker Carlson story but there’s truly not anything new to say. 6Get8OnRZj

— Karol Markowicz (@ karol) March 13, 2019

Newsweek: “Tucker Carlson Could Face Hate Speech Charges if He Were Canadian or British” https :// O50lYzVV8H Ial2bs 9UqC

— zyntrax (@ zyntrax) March 12, 2019

Maybe that doesn’t quite say what Newsweek thinks it does 😛 TAGEND

This is a great commercial-grade for America tbqh https :// v5OobCXGnP

— neontaster (@ neontaster) March 13, 2019


This story angle says less to me about how bad the things Tucker said were than it does how huge the First Amendment is https :// uotQpLVOuF

— Grant Addison (@ jgrantaddison) March 13, 2019

If this headline were written by a sane party 😛 TAGEND

“Tucker Carlson Lives In A Country That Doesn’t Have Shitty Laws” https :// qGqHppMT5I

— Mister Neil (@ neilsama) March 13, 2019

There’s a famed conflict that was defend which allows him to say what he requires in its own country. https :// uTT4d 1KAkB

— Jason Heard (@ jheard1 5) March 13, 2019

That was one hot take that spontaneously combusted!

But Newsweek’s not alone 😛 TAGEND

Another one lmao. https :// s1giGkwtyP N1ouuuekxn

— zyntrax (@ zyntrax) March 13, 2019

Now that’s a take.

lol what if journalisim

— wew (@ cowe5 6) March 12, 2019

And your point is? He also would not have 2nd revision claims “if hes” Canadian or British. He lives in America, dumbasses. Enough with the liberal hypotheticals to boost the Democrat agenda. #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder https :// pe0HbrK2Vy

— America One (@ BryonWine) March 12, 2019

We have a new expressed appreciation for the First Amendment thanks to that kind of “journalism.”

The post JOURNALISM! Newsweek’s Tucker Carlson hot take SO scorching it spontaneously combusts seemed firstly on

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