Kanye West has reached a low-grade extent in his mode career.

The rapper is now squandering his genius scheme super abilities to show his support for father figure Donald Trump.

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Fellow red lozenge popper Candace Owens debuted the T-shirts for her new “Blexit” advance at Saturday’s Young Black Leadership Summit in Washington D.C.

Owens told the crowd 😛 TAGEND

” Blexit is a renaissance and I am ordained to say that this symbol, these shades, were created by my dear friend and fellow superhero Kanye West .”

So .. WTF is “Blexit” ??

Inspired by “Brexit” — always a good theme to choice an unmitigated accident for a namesake — the relevant recommendations is to try to sway black voters to Trump: a “Black Exit” from the Democratic Party.

Ugh. Based on the latest flagrant voter quelling of African American refers in the Georgia gubernatorial hasten, it seems to us the Republican Party is more about” Blit Down, Blut Up, and above all Blon’t Vote “.

See the style downward tees( below ):

. @KanyeWest designed these “Blexit” t-shirts for @RealCandaceO’s brand-new “Blexit” movement. They were handed out at #YBLS2018 pic.twitter.com/ fh4IT6lVut

— Nikki Schwab (@ NikkiSchwab) October 27, 2018

[ Image via NBC/ WENN .]

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