Things haven’t been going so well for Apple’s new 2018 MacBook Pro.

Some owners of Apple’s latest MacBook Pro laptop are reporting their devices are being hit with multiple kernel panics, some as often as two times a day, according to a new 9to5Mac report.

For the uninitiated, a kernel panic is basically when your computer’s operating system detects an internal fatal error which it cannot safely recover from. The computer forces a reboot to minimize the risk of major data loss.

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The kernel panic issue is apparently only affecting a “very small” number of 2018 MacBook Pros, and it arrives just as Apple released a fix dealing with another issue that was being reported the owners of Apple’s latest computer model. Before the Apple-issued update, users of the 2018 MacBook Pro were reporting that the computer was running so hot that the Intel Core processors inside the computer were throttling its performance down to low speeds. Apple’s update apparently fixes a bug that was affecting the new MacBook Pro’s thermal management system. Read more…

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