Sonos is partnering with Sonance for a brand-new lineup of passive talkers. You can now pre-order in-ceiling, in-wall and outdoor Sonos speakers.

These are spooky commodities as you still need to connect those orators with a Sonos Amp. In other oaths, you can’t assure those talkers from the Sonos app without the Sonos Amp.

But if you’re constructing a house and you want to employed Sonos orators around the house, this lineup is a good way to make sure that everything will be optimized for the Sonos ecosystem.

The in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are designed to blend in with your walls. You can even depict on the grilles to do them disappear even more. They’ll start shipping on February 26 and you can pre-order them now — each duet of speakers expense $599.

Outdoor speakers also come as a duet. They aren’t available just yet, but they’ll payment $799 a pair whenever they ship. And the work requires refuse extreme temperatures, water and UV rays.

According to the company, you can plug three duos of speakers into a single Sonos Amp. If you plan to build a giant room, you are able to buy various Amps and stack them up.

Like other Sonos orators, you can tune them expending TruePlay. This process abuses your iPhone or iPad microphone to analyze the size of your apartment and how your furniture feigns your talker. Sonos then adjusts orator sets. Update: TruePlay can be used for in-wall and in-ceiling speakers.

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