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A Twitch streamer who constructed headlines in early December after apparently assaulting his wife during a livestream has been allowed back on the platform.

The Australian streamer, MrDeadMoth, was charged with onslaught on Dec. 9, is in accordance with Sydney newspaper the West. In the immediate aftermath of the incident, the Twitch and Twitter chronicles of MrDeadMoth–whose real list is Luke Munday–were suspended. On Dec. 30, nonetheless, the 26 -year-old was back to streaming on Twitch, according to Dexerto.

Here is a reupload of the video of @MrDeadMoth abusing his wife. My original upload of the video was forcefully removed by Twitter, I was also banned for 12 hours. But, I think this should be out there as it’s indeed fucking disgusting. xztbfu6Th 5

— jck (@ RevvOCE) December 10, 2018

In a series of videos uploaded onto Twitter and YouTube by sees and fellow streamers, the altercation between Munday and his wife can be witnessed. The videos establish an increasingly irate Munday attempting to continue his activity of Fortnite during a domestic strife, which ends with him exiting the viewable screen and shrieking from his wife. Two children, one 3 years old and one 20 months old-time, were also reportedly in the home. Observers on Twitch began reaching out to authorities.

Munday is contained in courtroom on Dec. 13, is in accordance with, where his event was adjourned until Jan. 10. The article cites courtroom reports which reveal that Munday” has been charged on two previous reasons in 2011 for malevolent shatter and common aggression, both of which were not domestic related .”

The document likewise cited the prosecution’s strong example, due to the” countless independent witnesses to the offence as a part of the incident was livestreamed .”

.@ Cylints is a cyber protection expert are seeking to shed more light on the @MrDeadMoth situation. He is also trying to find out whether MrDeadMoth’s spouse and kids are safe. More intelligence is likely to be affixed as soon as it’s found. TGpvBkGNjW

— jck (@ RevvOCE) December 9, 2018

I have just received evidence via @Cylints that @MrDeadMoth has been apprehended by authorities. He briefly evaded police but he has now get caught. All of the charges on his wife have also been dropped.

— jck (@ RevvOCE) December 9, 2018

The news that Munday is back on Twitch was met with rage from the gaming parish. Quaver useds immediately slammed the platform for not permanently restricting him.

Viewers on Shudder who brought up the early December incident was allegedly” censored or aged out from chatting ,” is in accordance with Dexerto.

Hey @Twitch @Twitch_ANZ how is the absolute spineless snake MrDeadMoth able to stream on your programme again after bashing his wife/ fiance on stream. Pretty outraging that hes even countenanced an detail after that reprehensible act.

— Goreway (@ GorewayPUBG) January 2, 2019

Which begs the issues to: how the fuck do you get permanently banned on Twitch if overpowering your wife during a livestream doesn’t do it?

— Imran Khan (@ imranzomg) January 2, 2019

” MrDeadMoth, the streamer who thumped his wife in a horrifying altercation that was captivated live, was unbanned on Twitch and streamed again ,” Twitter user @ Slasher wrote.” Altogether unreasonable from Twitch. Restricting other streamers for much less and this guy gets back on ?!”

MrDeadMoth, the streamer who hit his wife in a horrifying altercation that was captivated live, was unbanned on Twitch and streamed again!

Totally unsatisfactory from Twitch. Banning other streamers for much less and this person gets back on ?! I was provided this SS from his return. H081sP3uQ6

— Rod Breslau (@ Slasher) January 3, 2019

What I most don’t understand about the MrDeadMoth situation is that he is ONLY an affiliate , non marriages rarely( if ever) recieve carry and in most cases are permabanned. WHY in HELLS NAME did Twitch study “Oh yeah this chap! Let’s facilitate this one! ” ??? https :// Ez7bfPokc0

— Kelly Jean (@ kellyjeaaann) January 3, 2019

Other than notes that appear to be strictly trolling, “there hasnt” real is supportive of Munday online. Munday did not respond to a request for comment.

Why has MrDeadMoth been allowed to resume streaming, when so many people have been permanently banned for lesser offenses? We’ve reached out to Twitch.

If you or someone you know is experiencing intimate spouse cruelty, contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233, or https ://

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